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How To Standout on Social Media Using Personal Brand Photography

You might be wondering what personal brand photography is and if you will ever need it, well if you are a business owner, chances are you will need personal brand photography at some point.

What is Personal Brand Photography?

As you might have guessed, personal brand photography is all about who you are and what your business represents. The photos are taken by a professional photographer and the end products are high quality photos that tell your story.

Hiring a Professional Photographer vs using stock photos or taking the photos yourself

The only benefit of taking the photos yourself or using stock photos is saving money. The benefits of hiring a professional photographer outweigh the costs; Sure there’s more money involved when you hire a professional photographer but it’s a worthwhile investment, the images you get are high quality images, when your audience sees pictures of you they know who is behind the brand and are more likely to connect with you. The images are essential for your marketing. When you show your audience behind the scenes images of what you and your brand represent you form a human connection.

Why you need personal brand photos

To differentiate your brand and stand out from the crowd.

Attract the right clients. When you take those personal brand photos you show up as yourself authentically. You give your audience a glimpse of what you do.

Boost your brand and engage with your audience. When you start posting your personal brand photos,you start conversations with your audience and start building relationships.

Elevating your clients experience. When potential clients go to your website to get an idea of who you are and what you offer ,your personal brand photos tell the story, your story.

How to use your personal brand photos

Your website, this is perhaps the first place your potential clients go and check. Now Imagine if you have photos taken on your phone versus those taken by a professional photographer, which ones will your prospective clients be more interested in?

Instagram is perhaps one of the most important social media networks and critical for your business success. Take a look at these Instagram accounts; @jennakutcher, @lejuanjames, @noraborealis, @jasminestar @thegraytergood

What do they have in common? Well, apart from the massive followers these Instagram accounts are the perfect example of personal branding done right. While they are not celebrities, these are just regular human beings like you and I that are using their Instagram accounts to strategically boost their personal brands. You can use your personal brand photos to showcase what you do, what your brand stands for, you can even use behind the scenes photos to connect better with your audience.

You can use Canva to create on brand graphics with your personal brand photos for things like announcements, covers for reels and TikTok videos, quotes or testimonials, product/service offers and launches.

Now that you have a better understanding of what personal brand photography is and how to stand out on social media, your next step is to find the right photographer. Let’s get in touch for a free consultation and schedule your personal branding photoshoot.

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