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Digital Marketing, a Whole New Perspective

Throughout my Digital Marketing Course, I had the honor of listening to distinguished speakers who each had something unique and exciting to say. , Aadhar Mehta, Account Coordinator at Fleishman Hillard Highroad had a significant impression on me. The story of Aadhar's rise from overcoming obstacles on a family hiking trip to being a successful marketer struck a chord with me since it parallels my life. His passion and persistence showed the importance of having more than just skill if we want to succeed with our goals. Aadhar's talk focused on combining SEO and CRO with narrative to spread a company's message. He said this strategy does more than interest the target audience; it actively motivates them to take action and convert. Thanks to him, I now understand that successful marketing is more than simply pushing items; it's also about creating engaging stories that touch people emotionally. Aadhar's attitude of accepting setbacks as stepping stones to improvement has been an incredible source of motivation for me. Challenges will arise as we navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape, but how we deal with them will determine our ultimate success. Aadhar's resiliency inspired me to grow in the face of adversity and look for opportunities in every setback.

Amanda Lee, the Account Director at The Aber Group, was another brilliant presenter. Her knowledge of search engine marketing and commitment to helping non-profits is impressive. Amanda's efforts to raise awareness for charitable causes using search engine marketing and sponsored social media campaigns are a shining example of the profound difference that marketing can make in people's lives. It reaffirmed my faith that marketing can be a powerful force for good, and it motivated me to think about how I may one day utilize marketing to advance important causes. Building great connections with customers and providing value through brilliant marketing activities were emphasized by Amanda's dedication to customer service and her extensive knowledge of digital advertising. Her efforts to increase brand awareness and enhance website traffic quality demonstrates the crucial part of marketing in achieving organizational goals. During the Marketing Seminar series, I learned a lot from Aadhar Mehta , Amanda Lee and the other guest speakers. Their experiences and insights have deepened my marketing knowledge and inspired me to work hard, think outside the box, and devote myself to making a big difference in the world through marketing efforts. The principles I've learned about perseverance, storytelling, and putting the customer first will help me succeed in the ever-changing and exciting marketing field.

Network and Resources

Throughout this digital marketing course, I have worked to expand my professional network and investigate potential career paths. Aadhar Mehta, Amanda Lee, and all the other speakers were added to my LinkedIn network. Their knowledge and enthusiasm for marketing keep me excited about my professional development. I also contacted Dante Sellers, Hootsuite's Customer Account Manager, regarding openings in his department. The connections I've made with other marketing pros have been crucial in helping me learn the ropes and succeed in my career. I went to the George Brown AI Symposium and heard about the pros and cons of using AI for marketing. Now I have a better understanding of the dynamic nature of digital marketing and the opportunities it presents for developing particular and targeted campaigns.

In addition, I am a member of several marketing-related groups and organizations on LinkedIn, where I often keep track of discussions and insights provided by other fellow marketers on the marketing industry's state. My marketing-related network has grown thanks to my participation in these organizations and my exposure to new ideas and viewpoints. While I could not devote much time to volunteering, due to academic and family commitments ,I want to change that in the future. In the meantime, I do follow groups like the Canadian Marketing Association and the Interactive Advertising Bureau to stay informed. In addition to positively impacting the world, volunteering allows me to meet other people in the marketing field and expand my professional network. I’m looking for work in several places, including online job boards like LinkedIn ,Glassdoor and social networking sites like Instagram. In particular, LinkedIn has helped expand my network of marketing-related contacts and I’m optimistic I will land my dream job soon. My coop teacher is also someone I follow on LinkedIn since he always posts valuable information about jobs and how to get them. Through my experiences, I have learned effective networking strategies that I may pass on to others. It takes initiative, authenticity, and consistent contact with contacts to build a solid network. Practical strategies to make contacts in the marketing business include attending industry events, joining online organizations, and using social media platforms.

In conclusion, I want to express my appreciation for all I've learned in this marketing course. The Marketing Seminars have helped me learn more about the field and become more effective at networking. I owe much of my professional growth and development to the mentorship and enthusiasm of seasoned experts like Aadhar Mehta,Amanda Lee,Ashley Walsh, Blair Roebuck, Caroline Berryman, Danielle Humilde, Dante Sellers, Jennifer Stoll, Melanie Evely and Stephani Lee. My understanding of the marketing sector has been enhanced through networking ,my participation in industry events and conversations within marketing organizations. I'm looking forward to using my past and present networking connections to open doors in the marketing industry. With the insights and contacts I've gained during this incredible marketing adventure, I'm really excited about starting my marketing career and looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

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